The identity is built around the idea of the mutating logo that can change shape & color. The multidimensionality behind it shows that we look at and present existing ideas from a different perspective, thus changing people’s perception of the world around them. The neon color palette is a direct reference to the digital world where our work comes to life. The outlined shapes reference how we give brands a form and the usage of gradients is a visual hint to the emotional movement sparked by Marvelous. The Obviously font family reflects the character, playfulness and contrasts that the clients can expect from the agency.


Other work

VestkystBrand & Font Design

Mit HjemDigital Design

VELUX Design StudioProduct Design

NEOM - The LineWebsite Pitch

Copenhagen ZOOWeb design

Tafoni VariableTypeface design

SustainabeansIdentity Design

RackbeatIdentity Design

AltanaIdentity & Web Design

Kiss MyWeb Design

Jazz SkateboardsFont & identity design


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